Paracelsus is a true web-based toxicology results system with data provided right to the desktop.

Paracelsus has tools to help you effectively manage your drug testing program with timely test results. It provides an easy to use, intuitive means to enter data, generate orders and retrieve results quickly and easily. All the criteria needed to run a full lab are available; chain of custody/requisition documentation, bar coding (used to integrate with drug testing analyzers), multi-tiered hierarchy, random color code scheduling, online reports, and the ability to invoice agencies and sub-agencies. Paracelsus is an inexpensive way to control your drug testing needs and perform accurate drug testing for your customers. Screening analyzers currently supported include: Indiko, Indiko Plus, MGC240, Biolis 24i, Biolis 50i, VIVA-E, VIVA JR., VIVA TWIN, Beckman (Olympus); AU2700, AU400, AU480, and AU640. Confirmation analyzers (manufacturers) currently supported include: AB Sciex, Agilent, and Thermo Fisher.

  • 24 x 7 System Access via the Internet
  • Intuitive, User Friendly Screens
  • Web-Based Order Entry
  • Secure 4096 Bit Encryption Exceeds HIPAA Security Requirements
  • Customizable Chain of Custody/Requisition Forms
  • Barcoded printable test labels
  • Online or Printed Reports
  • Remote Data Entry to Schedule Tests
  • Global Search Capability
  • Randomized Test Scheduling
  • Drug Court Case Management (DCCM) Integration
  • Instrument Integration
  • EMR Integration (HL7 Interfacing)

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