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Drug Court Case Management (DCCM) is a stable easy-to-use, web-based drug court case management solution developed by ACT Innovations. ACT provides web-based solutions to over 500 courts across the United States.

Stable Collaborative Software

Judicial officers, treatment representatives, and administrative professionals can collaborate statewide, virtually, without administrative barriers.

DCCM Offers:
  • Screening: Our Screening Tool includes a set of questions to assist the screener in determining eligibility for potential drug court clients and informs the screener of the candidate’s risk factor.
  • Case File Management: Displays individual client information including his/her case number, client type, treatment, phase, case manager, judge, and detailed client level information.
  • Continuing Care: Provides a way to gather post-discharge data for reporting and program analysis purposes. After discharge, DCCM monitors clients at 6, 12, and 24- month intervals.
  • Report Preparation: Generates aggregate reports with common outcomes and data needed by the court for their use and their constituents. Reports such as Open Cases, Sanctions, Drug Tests, and Discharged reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • Analytics/Recidivism: DCCM gives courts the ability to pull statistics based on best practices and helps reduce the rate of recidivism by providing key performance measures.
  • Dependable Data Security: DCCM delivers consistent and reliable data security.
    • Physical Server Location
    • Encryption
    • System Access
    • Audit Controls
  • HIPAA Compliance: All information stored in DCCM is afforded the same confidentiality protection as the client’s substance abuse or other medical treatment records.
  • Toxicology Management with Paracelsus: Paracelsus is a Laboratory Information System (LIS) that can integrate with DCCM and provide drug test results directly to the Client’s case file.

Familiar Work-Flow

Our menus look familiar because they are organized around the way your Drug Court works.

  • Initial Eligibility Screening
  • Personal Demographics
  • Journal
  • Local Assessment
  • Substance Abuse Testing
  • Medical History
  • Service/Veteran Information
  • Employment History
  • Criminal History
  • Treatment
  • Ancillary Services
  • Incentives/Sanctions
  • Fees
  • Community Service
  • Family Dependency
  • Program History
  • Discharge
  • Dashboard
  • Screening
  • Discharge Tracking
  • Staffing / Docket
  • Reports
  • Resources
  • Bulk Tasks
  • Analyze Data
  • Exception Report
  • User Administration
  • Treatment Provider Administration
  • Drug Testing Profile
  • Client Profile
  • Change Password
  • Status Alerts Profile
  • Staffing Report Profile
  • Docket Profile
  • Ancillary Hours
  • Treatment Hours
  • Agency Review

Dependable Customer Service

Our Customer Service commitment started over 20 years ago and continues today. In 2003, when we first created DCCM, we designed it for our users. We made sure it seemed familiar and comfortable. It’s engineered to be stable, dependable and secure.

  • For some people, seeing it on paper is better than reading an electronic document, so we offer both printed and digital copies of our friendly user manuals.
  • We train your trainers, so you can not only hold staff training when and where you'd like, but also tap your in-house experts to reduce expenses and manage budgets.
  • Our dependable, world-class helpdesk is available by phone and online. We have experts available to help with the simplest of tasks to the most complicated issues that may arise in your court.

About Us

We are dependable.

We’ve also been called stable, familiar and predictable. Perhaps you personally wouldn’t be proud to claim these adjectives. But, you’ll be quite pleased to have a technology partner who has earned them.

For over 20 years, Advanced Computer Technologies (ACT) has been earning our client’s trust by designing and developing dependable, user-friendly web-based applications. Our clients include over 500 court systems, Federal and State Agencies as well as locally based companies and international corporations.

In addition to developing the most trustworthy Drug Court Case Management system possible, ACT also serves Federal and State Probation/Parole labs, Court labs, State Crime labs, Physician labs, Reference labs, and other Third-Party Administrator labs through a web-based Laboratory Information System (LIS) named “Paracelsus”.

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