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Innovations in Case Management

DCCM - Drug Court Case Management

To develop a comprehensive Drug Court Case Management (DCCM) system, providing drug court professionals the tools they need to effectively manage treatment, capture historical data, and monitor case information.

Project Brief

Advanced Computer Technologies (ACT) currently provides web-based drug court case management solutions to the states of Alabama, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas and Washington. These intuitive applications manage drug court client data such as background information collected during the screening process, treatment progression history, and continuing care supervision records after graduation. They also allow judicial officers, treatment representatives, and administrative professionals to collaborate statewide virtually, eliminating administrative barriers.

From Initial Eligibility Screening, through Case Management and into Continuing Care, we are with you all the way.

Your "Client Menu" provides the following: Initial Eligibility Screenings, Personal Demographics, Journal, Local Assessment, Substance Abuse Testing, Medical History, Employment History, Criminal History, Treatment, Ancillary Services, Incentives/Sanctions, Fees, Community Service, Program History, and Discharge.

Your "Court Menu" provides the following: Dashboard, Screening, Continuing Care, Staffing/Docket, Reports, Resources, Bulk Tasks, Analyze Data and Exception Report.

Your "Administrative Menu" provides the following: User Administration, Treatment Provider Administration, Drug Testing Profile, Client Profile, Change Password, Status Alerts Profile, and Staffing Report Profile.

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